Monday, April 20, 2009

absent minds and truant thoughts...

So, it has been a few weeks since I have updated this particular blog... and of course there is a reason! I have not painted! pretty simple, eh?

well... that's not entirely true; I have painted a little. I have continued on the DTX painting, and though I think that it is better, I still think that there are some fundamental mistakes that cannot be corrected without a fresh coat of gesso... so I might just leave as is.

Here it is.

And again... that's the whole point, right? to make mistakes and learn from them? Perhaps the learning when to stop? I guess so... I sure hope so!!

Well... anyway. I have NOT been totally idle in this time of no painting; I HAVE been drawing quite a bit because I am of the thought that I should always be doing something. I do admit that the last week has been difficult to keep motivated but I have had a LOT of things on my mind, lately.

IF you are interested in seeing my drawings they can be viewed in my sketchbook blog, here! There are actually quite a few new ideas, there.

Love makes you crazy, fate makes you impotent, somewhere in the middle you can survive