Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Semester Round-up part II: Color Theory

Here is the roundup of my color theory final project; 

I took 3 compositions, 2 different paper types, and 2 different types of media to create a series of 7 paintings exploring various color relationships from Analogous, Complementary, and Split-complementary. By doing this, I also was able to explore more complex color concepts such as warm cool and push/pull.

Step I: the drawing...

Step II: the painting!

Step III: the final product(s).








That was a lot of work! ;)

Monday, May 9, 2011

the monthly post (or) Semester Round-up part I: Illustration

I would like to be posting more, but I must admit that this winter has exhausted me emotionally and mentally... tons of snow, never a "Winter Thaw", it's nearly May and the other day was 40ish degrees and rainy-- add to that work, school, and an exorbitant amount of homework (which I admit that I sort of dropped the ball on... oops! ) and I just lost time to keep this going.

...but I never gave up!

 Here's a roundup of (some) projects from Illustration Class:

Weekly Dig Cover Concept

Slow Food USA zMag Illustration 1

Slow Food USA zMag Illustration2

Slow Food USA Poster (in Progress)