Thursday, October 29, 2009

...oh yeah

I think I kinda sorta totally forgot my point after I uploaded those pics...
I have decided to, for the time being, integrate some of my cycling related musings into this blog. I do this for a number of reasons -- I like art, and I like biking (cycling, riding a bike, rolling) whatever you want to call it.

I would not say that I am passionate about anything in my life anymore (yes, I find this a bit sad, but I am not going to muse about that here... at least not now ;) but there are things that I like a whole hell of a lot, and there ARE things that I feel strongly about. I have pretty strong convictions about things and I am rather opinionated about those things -- all in all, though, I think I am a relatively relaxed person. Oh sure, there are things that set me off (like traffic, dishonesty, public transit, people who have over an inflated and undeserved sense of entitlement, mushrooms, Prius', etc...) but I am a human being, after all... and we all have things... but on the whole, I can say this with some confidence.

That being said...

...I count cycling to be, along with art, one of the few things I feel very strongly about. This can actually be illustrated quite nicely by my oft used pic of my former "studio". In this image you can see 3 basic elements:
  • Music (which I am attempting to address here)
  • Art
  • Bikes 

Here are some thoughts:
  • I have been riding a bike about as long as I have been drawing! (wow)
  • I had a spell lasting several years, (same as with drawing!) where I did not ride a bike at all. 
  • I have very similar feelings and conflicts about my "role" as a "cyclist" that I do with regard to my "role" as an "artist".
Should I expand upon that?


yet another re-evaluation!

So the thought occurred to me today at lunch, as I was reading the various blogs I follow, that I have not updated my blog in quite some time other than to rant about why I hadn't been posting.

As I was thinking about this another thought occurred to me -- "Damn, I sure do read a heck of a lot of blogs about cycling." It's true! The number of cycling related blogs I read comes close to, matches, or exceeds the number of art related blogs I read... Of course, some of this is due to the fact that many of the art related blogs I read do not update regularly (sound familiar? ;) and the bike ones do!

So I thought a little more...

I have recently got a new little camera that I am getting in the habit of carrying with me pretty regularly. Since I do consider my photography to be an extension of my art, I decided to, among other things, begin to incorporate my photography into this blog. Once minor caveat... I rarely take pictures for the art of it anymore.

But here is the beauty of it all -- I do, however, take a bunch of blurry, in-motion, pictures of various scenery during my commutes and assorted bike rides. So perhaps this is a bit of a sign?. Perhaps it is nothing and this idea will wind up dead in the water.

Here... have a few pics from my commutes over the past week!

These are the geese that hang out along the Esplanade... watch out for ducks!

along the Charles at dusk!


Rowers are a common sight along the waterway...


and again!

Over a year in the making...

Woods along Fresh Pond.

Fresh Pond at dusk.

Foliage along the path.

Moon over Cambridge.

A little muddy...

...a day after a rain storm, but that's part of the FUN with a MTB!! :D

Y'all in cars don't know what you miss!

More dusk over the Charles.

I like proper bike lanes...


...oh good. A truck is parked in the lane, and the punchline is also that he is
blocking a sign that says "no stopping, anytime". :/


Line of geese... lovely!

Foliage and wet leaves on the ground... pretty, but DANGEROUS!

The majestic Chahlz Rivah this very eve...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are you there, Art? it's me... Luc!

I do not feel like an artist.

I have barely put pencil to paper in almost 2 months.

Yes, there have been a lot of things in my personal life going on lately (and things are finally starting to settle down a little -- at least I HOPE!) but the whole dynamic of my living situation has changed.

As Juliana Hatfield mentioned in a now defunct blog post some months back Most artists need time to be “idle.” ... and though I seem to have some "idle" time; it is rife with distraction in the form of something I have never really experienced before -- roommates.

I cannot spend too much time in my bedroom because I am a firm believer that a bedroom is really only good for 2 or 3 things (Sleeping, Sex, and Getting dressed). If you "live" too much, or spend too much time in a bedroom it ceases to be a bedroom and becomes more of a catch-all sort of "clubhouse" for one. When this happens I cannot sleep. I NEED to have my body understand, as a reflex, that my bedroom is a place of rest... why am I rambling about my bedroom? Because it CAN'T be a studio. It's too small to segment into different spaces; so as a place to work, it's out. I have, however, been able to set up my drafting table in the under-utilized area of the apartment better known as the dining room. The caveat here is that this is a common area, and a major thoroughfare between the kitchen and the rest of the apartment. It's distracting. I miss the space I had.

In addition to lack of space and privacy, my scanner (which works fine) is incompatible with my new computer. to add insult to injury, I can't use it with my old computer b/c it decided to blow up when I tried plugging it in after a month and a half... which is also frustrating because my portfolio is on the HD. I only hope it's just the power source that fried and not the whole thing.

Aside from all those little things; I feel uninspired... tired... a little depressed... a LOT unproductive... a bit lonely... though, a bit hopeful. I need a focus and I am hoping that school in the Winter/Spring will provide a better venue than what I currently have. Unfortunately, studio space is prohibitively expensive... that would be nice to have, though.

There really isn't too much significance to the images I put up in this post; it's just some older work and a few things I consider to be sub-par.

I hate not feeling like an artist. I feel like a fraud when I feel like this..