Thursday, October 29, 2009

...oh yeah

I think I kinda sorta totally forgot my point after I uploaded those pics...
I have decided to, for the time being, integrate some of my cycling related musings into this blog. I do this for a number of reasons -- I like art, and I like biking (cycling, riding a bike, rolling) whatever you want to call it.

I would not say that I am passionate about anything in my life anymore (yes, I find this a bit sad, but I am not going to muse about that here... at least not now ;) but there are things that I like a whole hell of a lot, and there ARE things that I feel strongly about. I have pretty strong convictions about things and I am rather opinionated about those things -- all in all, though, I think I am a relatively relaxed person. Oh sure, there are things that set me off (like traffic, dishonesty, public transit, people who have over an inflated and undeserved sense of entitlement, mushrooms, Prius', etc...) but I am a human being, after all... and we all have things... but on the whole, I can say this with some confidence.

That being said...

...I count cycling to be, along with art, one of the few things I feel very strongly about. This can actually be illustrated quite nicely by my oft used pic of my former "studio". In this image you can see 3 basic elements:
  • Music (which I am attempting to address here)
  • Art
  • Bikes 

Here are some thoughts:
  • I have been riding a bike about as long as I have been drawing! (wow)
  • I had a spell lasting several years, (same as with drawing!) where I did not ride a bike at all. 
  • I have very similar feelings and conflicts about my "role" as a "cyclist" that I do with regard to my "role" as an "artist".
Should I expand upon that?


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