Monday, March 23, 2009

the finished (???) product

well... not much of an update other than to present to you all the finished bedroom interior painting. I have been a bit ill the past week or so, so I have not been at the palette/easel very much...

What you see here IS actually a scan; though it is not the greatest due to the size of the piece. I had to assemble this from 6 separate scans and there is a small part that I see where it did not come together very well... I may re-scan it and upload a better version later.

Without further ado...

Other than that, I have done a little work on the DTX painting but not enough to update here now... but SOON ENOUGH!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


ahhh well... I am starting to have thoughts like what the hell am I doing?, though I think this has a bit more to do with feeling a tad under the weather. Do mineral spirits help clear sinuses? ;)

Here is the progress on my DTX painting and what I think is the completion of my bedroom interior.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Something old, something new, something bought, something blue? (no... nothing blue ;)

well here it is... I think it's done. As Rich suggested,I have tried to not overwork it... thought at this point I have either completely succeeded in finding the balance on that razors edge, or I have completely failed. EITHER WAY I think it is a successful exercise...

... which brings me to...

My latest endeavor; the DTXP (or, the Downtown Crossing painting). I have decided to completely forgo any attempt to imbue any real DETAIL at this point, instead concentrating on the light/dark values. Again, this is a big thing for me... to let go of(or at least TRY to "let go of" worrying about detail.

IN OTHER NEWS:I have bought a proper easel. Let's just say that after only a couple of months of painting on-top of my drafting table, I realized that it was not the best way to paint.

Now, sometimes (though rarely) Craigslist can be a significant boon, )provided that you are not looking for the same thing that 10,000 other people are looking for.) if you know what you want and are patient enough to wait for the right deal. I actually tried this a few years back to obtain a decent drafting table, but often many of the tables were of the simple metal-tube variety; as a result I took a different approach (Read on! ;).

Now, I know times are tight, but apparently, the thousands of art students from the various higher-learning establishments in this city are satisfied paying the premium demanded at the art supply stores... I, on the other hand, am NOT. As a result, there was little to no competition for this ($$cheap!$$) second hand lovely.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the local art supply stores... they are (usually) well stocked, contain a great range of items from "student" to "pro" to "just odd", and there actually ARE some wonderful deals to be found on occasion! but furniture is NOT one of the deals to be found. Among other reasons, that's why several years back, after searching hi & lo for a decent drafting table (see above) I decided to just build one!

Perhaps one day I will expand upon this, but for now please be satisfied with a pic of the final result:

Honestly, though... I am confident that I could/can build a better easel but I actually got the one above for less than the wood alone would cost! PERHAPS IN THE FUTURE...


'till the paint cries (wow, that was a typo, but I'm leaving it... it was meant to say 'till the paint dries)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

more crap! ;)

Well I have apparently settled on my next painting... it's a street scene of DTX (or Downtown Crossing for those not hip to the urban lingo ;). The ref. is from a photo taken by my lovely partner in crime about a year ago (I think).

I am doing something a bit different with this piece upon suggestion from my friend Rich ... I am being monochromatic and only concerning myself with values of light. I am NOT, however, using Black & White as I have a completely unreasonable aversion to BLACK... this is Raw Umber & White. (FYI, in NONE of the paintings I have done thus-far have I used Mars Black, Ivory Black, or ANY Black for that matter... I am confident I can achieve the light/dark with proper paint/pigment mixing.

Now, there is a reason I don't do very many ink washes or other such monochromatic images... I think I can get a better result with a PENCIL!! I have always thought that if you are going to eschew color, you better f[Expletive Sort-of Deleted]cking get some detail in the piece, and that is something a pencil can do that a brush simply cannot... I think this has a lot to do with the scale I am used to working in, but no matter, there are always exceptions to everything and anything, aren't there?

ANYWAY!! This piece is a cityscape (as previously noted) and again an exercise in perspective which is something I have always shied away from... look at me being the diligent painter/artist ;D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

next of several!

well... it the interim I have been doing some drawing, but I finally finished (for now!) my first portrait.

This is, of all the paintings I started in the past few months, the oldest one to survive the gesso hammer.

In other news... I have actually continued my interior study (as can be seen below)!
Not a tremendous difference but certainly progress has been made...

Now if I can only figure out what the heck I want to paint next!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

one down... perhaps!

Well... this one is as done as done can be for the moment; and surprisingly enough, this piece was small enough that I could fit it on my scanning bed and actually get a good scan of it! I am glad that I checked to make sure it was dry prior to plopping it on the glass!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So here they are so far. One done, one close, and one no-where near done.

One thing I have realized that I REALLY like using medium... I use a lot of it. Perhaps this comes from the watercolor experience, and using several washes to build a shape; but I am certainly not painting like I would be if I were using W/Cs. Perhaps it's an adaptation, or maybe it's something everyone does... or perhaps it's a mistake! WHO KNOWS?!

Now, on the first few pieces (the portraits) I used GamblinsGalkyd as the dryer/medium, but on this most recent interior I am messing around with Windsor & Newtons Liquin.

I like the drying properties of the Liquin, but I think I like the overall effect of the Galkyd more. Well, time will tell.

I think this is done... I don't want to overwork it, and I am much happier with it than I expected. Sorry about the contrast and the glare off the glazing... I closed the blinds but the sun was stil blaring through

Still coming along; only a few more details left and I think that I can call it complete.

The next stage of my bedroom/interior... coming along well enough. This is, for the record, the first painting I have ever done on canvas (sort of). It is on a canvas board that I have had laying around for ages, now. The other paintings I have detailed over the last few weeks have been on either masonite or cardboard/illustration board.

oh yeah; today's also my birthday. Whooptie.