Thursday, March 12, 2009

more crap! ;)

Well I have apparently settled on my next painting... it's a street scene of DTX (or Downtown Crossing for those not hip to the urban lingo ;). The ref. is from a photo taken by my lovely partner in crime about a year ago (I think).

I am doing something a bit different with this piece upon suggestion from my friend Rich ... I am being monochromatic and only concerning myself with values of light. I am NOT, however, using Black & White as I have a completely unreasonable aversion to BLACK... this is Raw Umber & White. (FYI, in NONE of the paintings I have done thus-far have I used Mars Black, Ivory Black, or ANY Black for that matter... I am confident I can achieve the light/dark with proper paint/pigment mixing.

Now, there is a reason I don't do very many ink washes or other such monochromatic images... I think I can get a better result with a PENCIL!! I have always thought that if you are going to eschew color, you better f[Expletive Sort-of Deleted]cking get some detail in the piece, and that is something a pencil can do that a brush simply cannot... I think this has a lot to do with the scale I am used to working in, but no matter, there are always exceptions to everything and anything, aren't there?

ANYWAY!! This piece is a cityscape (as previously noted) and again an exercise in perspective which is something I have always shied away from... look at me being the diligent painter/artist ;D

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