Wednesday, March 11, 2009

next of several!

well... it the interim I have been doing some drawing, but I finally finished (for now!) my first portrait.

This is, of all the paintings I started in the past few months, the oldest one to survive the gesso hammer.

In other news... I have actually continued my interior study (as can be seen below)!
Not a tremendous difference but certainly progress has been made...

Now if I can only figure out what the heck I want to paint next!


  1. The portrait came out really well. The one minor critique I can give you is that you could maybe lower the value of her right shoulder blade. My eyes keep getting stuck there, when I really want to look at her face.

    The interior is pretty solid. Don't do too much more with it. Just finish up the window and maybe a couple small details on the floor and put this one away. You're in the danger zone of overworking it. You captured the light really well.

    What are you using for reds?

  2. Thanks! I will work on that; I see what you mean about that shoulder.

    I was debating how much more time I should really put into the interior... It is starting to "feel" done, you know?

    It's Alizarin Crimson with some Viridian to darken it up in places.

    As always, thanks! I want to hear any thoughts you have to share.

  3. I don't use a whole lot of alizarin. A little of it goes a long way. I've had the same tube for about 3 years and still have half of it left.

    The same goes for my stuff. If you see something that looks "off" and I've missed it, smack me around a bit.