Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So here they are so far. One done, one close, and one no-where near done.

One thing I have realized that I REALLY like using medium... I use a lot of it. Perhaps this comes from the watercolor experience, and using several washes to build a shape; but I am certainly not painting like I would be if I were using W/Cs. Perhaps it's an adaptation, or maybe it's something everyone does... or perhaps it's a mistake! WHO KNOWS?!

Now, on the first few pieces (the portraits) I used GamblinsGalkyd as the dryer/medium, but on this most recent interior I am messing around with Windsor & Newtons Liquin.

I like the drying properties of the Liquin, but I think I like the overall effect of the Galkyd more. Well, time will tell.

I think this is done... I don't want to overwork it, and I am much happier with it than I expected. Sorry about the contrast and the glare off the glazing... I closed the blinds but the sun was stil blaring through

Still coming along; only a few more details left and I think that I can call it complete.

The next stage of my bedroom/interior... coming along well enough. This is, for the record, the first painting I have ever done on canvas (sort of). It is on a canvas board that I have had laying around for ages, now. The other paintings I have detailed over the last few weeks have been on either masonite or cardboard/illustration board.

oh yeah; today's also my birthday. Whooptie.

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