Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are you there, Art? it's me... Luc!

I do not feel like an artist.

I have barely put pencil to paper in almost 2 months.

Yes, there have been a lot of things in my personal life going on lately (and things are finally starting to settle down a little -- at least I HOPE!) but the whole dynamic of my living situation has changed.

As Juliana Hatfield mentioned in a now defunct blog post some months back Most artists need time to be “idle.” ... and though I seem to have some "idle" time; it is rife with distraction in the form of something I have never really experienced before -- roommates.

I cannot spend too much time in my bedroom because I am a firm believer that a bedroom is really only good for 2 or 3 things (Sleeping, Sex, and Getting dressed). If you "live" too much, or spend too much time in a bedroom it ceases to be a bedroom and becomes more of a catch-all sort of "clubhouse" for one. When this happens I cannot sleep. I NEED to have my body understand, as a reflex, that my bedroom is a place of rest... why am I rambling about my bedroom? Because it CAN'T be a studio. It's too small to segment into different spaces; so as a place to work, it's out. I have, however, been able to set up my drafting table in the under-utilized area of the apartment better known as the dining room. The caveat here is that this is a common area, and a major thoroughfare between the kitchen and the rest of the apartment. It's distracting. I miss the space I had.

In addition to lack of space and privacy, my scanner (which works fine) is incompatible with my new computer. to add insult to injury, I can't use it with my old computer b/c it decided to blow up when I tried plugging it in after a month and a half... which is also frustrating because my portfolio is on the HD. I only hope it's just the power source that fried and not the whole thing.

Aside from all those little things; I feel uninspired... tired... a little depressed... a LOT unproductive... a bit lonely... though, a bit hopeful. I need a focus and I am hoping that school in the Winter/Spring will provide a better venue than what I currently have. Unfortunately, studio space is prohibitively expensive... that would be nice to have, though.

There really isn't too much significance to the images I put up in this post; it's just some older work and a few things I consider to be sub-par.

I hate not feeling like an artist. I feel like a fraud when I feel like this..

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