Thursday, October 29, 2009

yet another re-evaluation!

So the thought occurred to me today at lunch, as I was reading the various blogs I follow, that I have not updated my blog in quite some time other than to rant about why I hadn't been posting.

As I was thinking about this another thought occurred to me -- "Damn, I sure do read a heck of a lot of blogs about cycling." It's true! The number of cycling related blogs I read comes close to, matches, or exceeds the number of art related blogs I read... Of course, some of this is due to the fact that many of the art related blogs I read do not update regularly (sound familiar? ;) and the bike ones do!

So I thought a little more...

I have recently got a new little camera that I am getting in the habit of carrying with me pretty regularly. Since I do consider my photography to be an extension of my art, I decided to, among other things, begin to incorporate my photography into this blog. Once minor caveat... I rarely take pictures for the art of it anymore.

But here is the beauty of it all -- I do, however, take a bunch of blurry, in-motion, pictures of various scenery during my commutes and assorted bike rides. So perhaps this is a bit of a sign?. Perhaps it is nothing and this idea will wind up dead in the water.

Here... have a few pics from my commutes over the past week!

These are the geese that hang out along the Esplanade... watch out for ducks!

along the Charles at dusk!


Rowers are a common sight along the waterway...


and again!

Over a year in the making...

Woods along Fresh Pond.

Fresh Pond at dusk.

Foliage along the path.

Moon over Cambridge.

A little muddy...

...a day after a rain storm, but that's part of the FUN with a MTB!! :D

Y'all in cars don't know what you miss!

More dusk over the Charles.

I like proper bike lanes...


...oh good. A truck is parked in the lane, and the punchline is also that he is
blocking a sign that says "no stopping, anytime". :/


Line of geese... lovely!

Foliage and wet leaves on the ground... pretty, but DANGEROUS!

The majestic Chahlz Rivah this very eve...

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