Friday, February 13, 2009

Can it be?

Who said drawing (drafting) skills don't matter when it comes to painting?? 

Honestly? I don't think anyone who actually knows how to paint would say that; as a matter of fact I have often heard people in the art community cite draughtmanship (drawing skill) as a prerequisite to be a successful painter ... but I needed a intro line ;)

I am really beginning to appreciate my drawing skills when it comes to this whole oil painting thing, though. I am thankful that I can understand the shapes (to a certain degree) that I am trying to paint. That is huge!

I spent a lot of time today and yesterday gessoing over those paintings I mentioned that I was going to cover, as well as preparing a few more surfaces... those stained pieces of illustration board I haven't been using for the past 15 years might actually get used for something... even if it is not their intended use!

Anyway; brush to paint to "canvas" ... I continued today and here is the progress:


And yesterday, as I was waiting for 4 surfaces to dry, I started looking through an old portfolio of mine and stumbled across the 3 (count em' THREE!!) oil paintings I did whilst I attended college... now, they are nothing spectacular, are only still-lifes, and the third is a bit damaged; BUT, prior to the past 3 weeks or so, they are the only examples of oils I have ever done. 

Without further ado, here they are...
...wait, let me run and hide my head in shame first ;) 

More messes requiring mineral spirits to clean up to come, so keep those paraffin candles peeled for the next scroll.

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