Thursday, February 5, 2009

A day late and a dollar short? THE FIRST POST

So I fancy myself an artist; and like so many artists I just want to "paint pretty pictures"... I am not all that motivated to create cultural, political, or religious imagery, so I don't. Simple as that. 

What you see below is a painting. Nothing particularly amazing or special about a painting... It's mine, so I have an attachment to it, although I am not very happy with it yet. It is, more specifically, an OIL painting... now, oils are the traditional medium (so I have heard) of the "painter", and I have been remiss about actually learning how to paint in them. This painting in progress represents my 3rd oil painting ever; 2 in college (12 years ago) and this one now.

Prior to my foray into oils I had primarily worked in watercolors when I wished to actually paint. To this I can say that I have over 20 paintings completed in the past 2 1/2 years or so... I also like to think that I am somewhat competent with a pencil and have decent drafting/drawing skills. As a result I hope that I am somewhat fore-armed for my adventures into the realm of oils. 

I must say that oils are a tremendously intimidating medium, but one I am willing to commit to. What I think is the most daunting is the idea of learning a whole new language of materials, a whole new way of thinking about a painting, the radically different behaviours of the media/medium/stuff associated with oils, and last (but certainly not finally) the differences in technique from what I am "used to"


That being said; welcome to my blog... I hope to have more to say, and more to show as time goes on. :D

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