Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finding a voice without a mouth

This blog is undergoing a small (de?)evolution ...

One of my original concepts was for this blog to partially focus of my musings and thoughts with regard to my art, and perhaps even my philosophy regarding art in general. So since I am not as active in studio lately... that is exactly what I am doing ;)


Ya see, for the past several months, years, decades, centuries, etc. I have been considering the question "what am I trying to say with my work?".

At some point in my misguided past I had thought that all I wanted to do was paint pretty pictures; but as a recent post explored, even in my misguided youth I was imbuing an element of heart/emotion/myself into my work making them more than just pretty pictures.

I have never in my life been particularly religious, but religion and religious concepts (iconography, themes, stories) have always fascinated me. From the Buddha to God, to Moses, Mohammad, and Jesus, and even Izanami (イザナミ) , Odin, Zeus, and others... the way people through history have tried to interpret the unknown/unknowable has created some of the most creative and fantastic ideas ever conceived.

Now, so taken was I in my earlier days that I studied comparative religion in college as well as read as much as I could about the academics of religious history... (unfortunately in my old-age I have allowed that to fall off and I am not as well read as I once was.... but whatever!) I even went as far as writing my own creation myth (which I may post up some day).

As a result, looking back at my work over the years I can see the influence of this imagery and iconography... and I have littered this blog posting with some examples, in case you were wondering ;)

Which brings me back to my artistic voice... I think that this piece below (which I know I have posted before) illustrates what I am trying to go for... let me sum it up by giving you the full title:

The Angel sees herself through the eyes of those who have adored her, and has determined herself to be unworthy... so she strips herself of her wings



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  1. You should post up pieces of your creation myth, I know you don't think it's perfect yet, but do it anyway.