Saturday, November 28, 2009

and one about bikes...

So, over the past few weekends (THIS weekend being the exception due to turkey bloat and generally bad weather) I have been out trying to find some decent mountain bike trails in the immediate Boston area.
I started by going to some of the areas that I was already familiar with by going to Rock Meadow and the Charles River Bike Path.

I have been going online to various sites researching some other places to go and had a choice between Cutler Park in Dedham or the Landlocked Forrest in Burlington. I chose the Landlocked forest because of it's proximity to the Minuteman Trail, and as a result, the ease of access for me coming from Cambridge. I mean, if I am going to ride a mountain bike for 10 miles each way JUST to get to a trail, it might as well be accessed by a nice and calm bike-path!

So I arrived, after getting lost and having to ask directions... I rode along some power lines and through some woods until I got to the blazed trails; everything looked promising! Little undergrowth, widely spaced trees...

Truly beautiful!
Just so you know, I am more of a cross-country/singletrack/trail riding kind of mountain biker... I am not really into the more technical or "extreme" aspects of the sport/activity; so I saw these trails and had high hopes!

I first encountered some lovely, fast trails and some free-ride obstacles for the more adventurous crowd.

I made this particular journey last Sunday... not really thinking that the large amounts of rain we had had the previous Friday would be all that much of a factor...
...little did I know the "Landlocked Forest" was mostly in a low-lying region and does not dry out that quickly.

To my disappointment, much of the early part of my riding was not riding at all, but rather carrying my bike over and through the ... not mud ... but SWAMP.

In addition to the conditions being less than ideal due to rain, it seemed that many of the small bridges and other "infrastructure" had fallen into a state of disrepair. I can only hope that this was due to normal deterioration and was not a result of vandalism.

After having ridden nearly 10 miles to get here, I began to get a little frustrated.

Eventually I made my way out of the "lowlands" and up into some decent singletrack! 
I even found the front-end of what looked like a Ford Turino! (replete with the required bullet holes, I might add)

After a bit of a disappointing start, the trails opened up and I really began to enjoy myself!

At some point in the day the temp. dropped about 10 degrees... and though the sun never really came out (like the weather reporter said it would) I would say it was still an enjoyable day. I took a (to me) unknown way home, which wound up being a "short-cut" back to the Minuteman Trail, and my ride back was swift and enjoyable.

Here's hoping that Cutler Park isn't in the floodplain ;)


  1. What a ride - that is beautiful! I could never have an adventure that involved carrying my bike, though. Too heavy. ;)

  2. hah, yes... from what I have read of your blog posts your bike(s) are far too heavy to lug over any terrain never mind this muddy mess. To be fair, MY bike is too much to carry when I would rather it to be carrying me ;)

    Thank you for the comment!

  3. Um wow! I had been wondering about this trail, thanks for posting! Looks like there is no way it is ridable on any of my current bicycles - but it really is beautiful.

  4. Filigree:

    The trail-head is a-ways down some power lines, so it's not the most accessible without a "proper" off-road bike... but perhaps this is the excuse for that Rivendell Bombadil?


  5. Oh don't taunt me! That Bombadil haunts my dreams. I feel so velo-promiscuous, since my super-duper Royal H. custom mixte is not even ready yet and I am already fantasising about another bike.

    BTW, were you by chance on the Charles River path yesterday (Thursday) between 1pm and 4pm? I saw someone who I thought might be you (based on the photos on this post) and he smiled and gave a little wave, but I wasn't sure!

  6. I was on the path on Thursday but not within those hours... that time is squarely in the midst of "work hours" for me. I am thankful to have been able to have taken in some of that balmy weather, though!