Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve around Harvard Square... pictures











  1. Oh these are such nice photos of familiar places! And I see you've photographed our "passageway" : )

    I like your overcoat; are you able to cycle in it on that sporty bike you have? And did you ride through that snowy riverbank?

  2. Filigree:

    Hah, yeah... you could call that one photograph an homage -- plus the "Well dressed gentleman" walking down the path was difficult to resist.

    RE: Overcoat, thank you! I have had some form of pea-coat style overcoat for a very long time. Thankfully, for casual errands and milling about town, my normal clothes are totally fine, and even with the more "road-bike" geometry of my Tri-cross, my coat is more than comfortable enough to ride in either buttoned up or open.

    yeah... I did ride through that snow! Even with the knobby cross tires, I had to be really careful! It's all gone now, as I am sure your know, but it seems like more snow is in store for the new-years holiday.