Sunday, December 20, 2009

snowed in... let's paint!

So I had an idea to revisit a concept of mine and re-conceive my painting  Apple of My Eye .

I started in a very different way... normally I will only have a rough idea of what I want to do or I will do a quick layout sketch in one of my many sketchbooks... but today I decided to utilize my new tablet and integrate the realms of digital and analog (or... traditional )by sketching it out on my computer first.

Here is the digital sketch:

... and here is the beginning of the drawing which will eventually become the painting...


Sorry for the less than ideal image... but my scanner (as you may recall from a previous entry) does not work with the new Windows OS...

L - A - M - E

More to come...


1st layer of color...


**EDIT 2**


**EDIT 3**

**EDIT 4**




  1. Your technique in representing the figure is excellent. So many contemporary figurative artists trace their figures; most I would say.

    I have never tried that brand of watercolour before - how is that possible? I typically use Holbein wc and gouache, but these look mighty mighty nice.

    Oh and why is it that people always tend to depict "evil" women redheads? Hmm? : )

  2. Madbird:


    Thank you very much! I still feel that I have a lot to learn, but practice certainly helps. I will admit to having occasionally used some sort of reference for my figures, but I endeavor to reduce that as much as possible and to try to envision the pose in my head... as you can see the pose changed a bit from the initial sketch to the actual pose in the painting. Even when I do use a reference pose, I always draw it out from reference rather than tracing it via lightbox or other technology. I always find that (and this holds true for "vector art" as well) that a traced image often comes out looking somewhat static and devoid of ... oomph

    Also... I am my own hand model. ;) Nearly every hand in every painting I do is drawn from referencing my own digits.

    These paints are wonderful; but the only caveat is that some of the more vivid pigments are not 100% colorfast, and may fade if exposed to a lot of light (especially sun-light)... I usually make super high-res scans and store the originals; but over the close to 16-17 years I have been using this type of paint, I have not really seen a lot of fading, even in the few I have hanging up.

    And I don't consider Eve evil ;) plus I have always had a thing for red-heads.