Monday, December 21, 2009

So I braved it... could've been worse!

Yesterday, we here in New England (and indeed... most of the Eastern Seaboard) had a bit of a blizzard... as a result I was concerned that this would impede my commute this past Monday morning...



As you can see below, the Cambridge side of the CRBP (Charles River Bike Path) was virtually impassable by bike... by bike with 23X700 road tires, anyway. What you see is essentially a nicely groomed cross-country skiing trail, with about 2" of powder and snow.

Not to be deterred... I reorganized my route and headed into "the Gauntlet" (which is how I affectionately refer to Mass Ave through Central Sq. on any weekday... but especially during commuting hours). As you can see from below, it was treacherous; that FedEx truck is parked squarely OVER the un-plowed bike-path. 


Though it took me considerably longer to arrive at my destination due to slow travel speeds, arrive I did... just to have to lock up in a snowbank ;)

All in all... not so bad. But I think I'll put the knobby tires on tonight.

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