Thursday, January 7, 2010

artistic ramblings... and other stuff


Well, my last idea stalled as quick as it was conceived... I can't encapsulate the image I am trying to evoke... I need to learn how to draw (not being self-defeating, just a bit out-o-practice)

So in the interest of keeping the hands busy I painted this on New Years Eve...

It's a whole bunch of nothing... I had no idea, no sketch, and no concept when I started it... just a lot of paint.
I think it's okay as far as an abstraction of nothing goes; normally when you paint something abstract, you need to start with an actual form to abstract from... this is just splashes of paint.

After that I decided to look through a lot of my older work and I found these 2 paintings from a few years back that I felt needed revisiting... here they are "before":


and here they are "after":


I know it's hard to really see without a decent scan, but I think they are at least a little closer to being complete -- though, as I have said before, nothing is EVER "complete" ;)

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