Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to Oil painting...

Well, it's been a while since I have put brush, oil, and canvas together... but I (re)started school this past week and getting dirty with some oil and solvent was part of the deal (and this was certainly by design) it stands to reason that I would be doing some painting!

Below is the graphite underdrawing:



Next, some color:

and the "final" piece... this was only a couple hours in class, and of a bunch of paper bags, but I am trying to get some fundamentals, so don't judge ;) 


  1. Good work. I like the time-lapse photography.

  2. Oh no, art classes where they make you paint heaps of geometrical objects in different colours - Aaaaaaaaaah!

    (But seriously, hope art school is going well!)

  3. Jefe:

    Thank you... I am still really just getting my hands dirty with the oils, as I haven't used them very often. Also, I try to keep records of my "process" as I am drawing or painting.


    yeah... one of those ;) it was only the first class, so I think the teacher is trying to get a feel for the different students levels of ability... and aside from now having an immensely full schedule, school is going well so far for only being a week in!