January Shennanigans!

Well... it's been a few days since the New Year... and I achieved my (Pre)New Years Resolution to ride to work every single day up until the end of December. Now that it's January (and 2010!?) my next goal is to ride through February. It might be hard but we have already had days where there is 50+ mph winds and temps in the single digits (well below zero taking into account wind-chill!).

Unfortunately, I have not had much opportunity to photograph the lovely white fields of ice the Charles has become, or the cross-country skiing trail the Charles River Path becomes after a snow... for my hands have been sheathed in gloves that inhibit the use of my tiny tiny camera.


...today I was treated to a few unique sights; so much so I had to stop and document them. So here they are!

As I was going along I saw the unmistakable visage of a bicycle poking it's way out of the ice near the Western Ave bridge... My suspicion is that it was stolen, ridden, and the disposed of over the side into the river... now this is a bit sad; I cannot tell what sort of bike this might be from my photographs, but no matter weather the bike is a $50 Wal-Mart special, or a pricey vintage to-do, this is no way to treat a bike...

...someone could've ridden it, and someone might have loved it... I'll check to see if someone "rescued" it tomorrow.


Now below we have someone who must be trying to get a Darwin award... You have to peer a bit but if you look close enough, you will see someone riding his bike on the ICE. Okay, yes... it's not on the river proper, but this is STILL river water (albeit protected) and the temps yesterday and today have been over freezing and it's been sunny... and there is still plenty of "open water" on the river as our temps keep fluctuating so I am not confident of going out on a frozen lake, nevermind riding my bike on a par-frozen river!!

2 words: NOT SMART. 






  1. I wonder whether that bike jumped off the bridge in a desperate suicidal gesture? I think we need to realise there are consequences to criticising bikes we find sub-par. Bikes have feelings too.

    The cyclist riding on the river... Holy &^%&, what a stupid thing to do! Kids, never ride on the river! It's got, you know, currents. If you fall through the ice, the current will carry you and you will not be able to get back out of the hole you fell through.


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