Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Charitable charity... Fight MS!! :D

Not much to report as I have been sick as a dog the past 2 weeks, and as a result I have not been on the bike, I missed ALL of my classes last week, and tonight classes were canceled for the storm that isn't! 


 ...that does not mean that I have been lax; well... not completely. I did sign up for the charity ride I partake in...
This is the 4th year that I will be participating in a charity ride of some-sort; and the 3rd year that I will be riding in support of finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.
I do not have MS, that I am aware of, but I have a very close friend who has been diagnosed with it, and several of my friends have friends or family members who are afflicted by it -- so it is a personal thing for me to participate in this ride.  

Every year the MS Society holds many different events across the US, and several of those take place right here in New England. 2 years ago I rode in the 157 mile Cape Cod Getaway. Last year I rode in the 100K Minuteman ride in Central MA, and this year I will be doing the Cape Cod Getaway again! Except this time I will be taking the 175 mile route that they are offering.

YOU can all help me to reach my goal by supporting me and sponsoring my ride by donating here at my MS Society participant page!

here are a few quick pics from past years:




Help out! :D


  1. I'm doing the MS150 in April. Houston to Austin over 2 days. I've raised just under $1K.

  2. nice nice! I'm not quite up to that amount, but I've got up about 25% of my goal...