Thursday, March 18, 2010

and it just seems like the pencil is rebelling this week... I have been using brush and ink, instead of pencil.

am I having a crisis? perhaps.

What follows is from my most recent illustration class.
As you can see above, I started ambitious; but given that I was having a hard time conceiving the actions the figures I abandoned this drawing at the stage you see here (perhaps to be revisited in the future?).

So, as detailed before, I went to the brush and was able to salvage a little bit of the night... 

There is a LOT wrong with it, but it could be a lot worse. Over-all, I like it.


  1. If we were friends, I would tell you to stop fighting it so hard. What would happen if you let go and listened to what he said, followed it for A SEMESTER? What would you lose, but more importantly, what could you gain? I'm just saying...

  2. I am really not (deliberately) fighting it... I don't get it... I am TRYING to see that way but I just don't get it


  3. You're an incredibly intelligent person and capable of "getting" anything when you let the walls fall and let go of your rules. Think it through: what is stopping you from "getting" it? Be honest with yourself.

  4. I just read your "rant" again. Look, it's rife with self-made boundaries. Some of the boundaries you create are helpful and protect you from falling into bad situations. But some of the boundaries you create simply limit your growth as a person and as an artist. This delineation between realist/abstract, his beliefs/my beliefs, what you want to learn from the class/what he wants you to learn from the class are all products of a series of boundaries you've erected in your head. Let go, Luc. Every time you find yourself arguing with what he says, tell yourself to shut up and just go with it. It's hard, but I believe you can do it if you make a conscious effort.