Sunday, March 28, 2010

Studio time...

Well... this was actually the 3rd time this week I have made it into the studio to do a little work, and thankfully, I was at least as productive as the last time (which is a far cry better than the first time this week)... the neighbor was blasting some reggae, which is much nicer than the terrible rap, but the rap did start up and I eventually had to go over and ask them to turn it down... and thankfully this went without incident.   (did I mention that they are there ALL THE TIME?!)

... here is the progress. 

Here is a wider shot of the studio... the light coming from behind the wall is the "loud" studio next door.
You can get a better appreciation of just how large the painting is from this perspective.

Here is a pic of me hamming it up after washing my brushes...

And here is it as it sits now... I have just started adding in some color.