Thursday, April 8, 2010

Illustration Class at the MFA! April 7, 2010

Last night in illustration class we went to the Museum of Fine Arts again (which, incidentally, is considered part of our campus and facilities) to draw from observation -- specifically to focus on drapery and cloth in the Greek and Roman sculpture galleries... see previous class visit here!

Here is the sculpture that I settled on; it's a representation of Athena.

Here is the record of my progress through the evening...

Now, the original statue has long since lost her head, hands, and arms -- and me being one who never likes his women handless, headless, or armless -- felt it incumbent upon me to once again bestow a cranium and digits, at least in representational form, to this goddess...

Underneath the sculpture and accompanying the description, there was a crudely drawn piece of line-art depicting what the head and hands may have looked like, and it was this that I used as a reference... results:

I'll add a better shot of this later, the lights in the MFA are great for viewing artwork, not photographing it.


Here it is! ;)

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