Friday, April 9, 2010

M@dI3irD (madbird)

madbird is one gal who is married to one guy.
We're both art school grads living in Massachusetts with our four sons. 

My dear and close friend has a company!

 During one of my previous incarnations (and prior to my current time at the SMFA) I attended one of the (other) many art schools in the greater Boston area. During this time I met a number of people; but (for some reason) very few of these people turned into what may be lifelong friends...

...but the person behind madbird just might be one of those people! 
By some grace of circumstance, we found each other via the ubiquitous facebook and have become friends again... the wonder of technology. 

Got a lot in common, we do... the urge, need, compulsion to create is certainly one of those things. She is certainly carving out a life based around her artistic nature, and I have a lot of respect for what she is doing -- so I made this post to support her and her work!

Here is one of her wonderful creations:

Originally conceived as a crochet needle organizer, I expressed that I had an idea  to use it as a brush/pecil/pen holder... now, there may be some of you who recall or know of the canvas brush-holders and how terrible they are...

Now, madbird does carry larger crotchet organizers (as well as a number of other products for your various needs), which can be uses for longer brushes, but this smaller size is ideal for my pencils, watercolor brushes, and caligraphy pens...

So far it is working out wonderfully! I love it.

As mentioned, it was not initially devised or designed to be a pen/brush holder, but it does very well doing just that... if you have need of anything like this or any other sort of organizer, (wallets, purses, bags, etc...) please go and show some support for a local (Boston area) artisan!


  1. Thank you so much for this post Lucas!! And, for supporting my shop ♥ You're a great friend :)

  2. You are more than welcome, but you know that no thanks are needed! :D <3