Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2nd to last Illustration Class... Cinco De Mayo 2010

The class dwindled a bit tonight -- since day classes ended we lost a few students in all of my evening classes. My afternoon illustration class ended last week (it was a day class, after all) so these are the last days... :(

So, tonight we were drawing animals... some copy plates, some figurines. I decided to work from a figurine since (I admit) I need to work more on my drawing from observation. 

My model:

Cute, isn't he? He's gotta be about 4-5" long... but really accurate (admittedly, I was surprised at how accurate "he" was). I did 2 drawings of him and here is the first!

And here is the second...

He apparently likes to make sure I am doing a good job by "checking" my work =^.^=

A final check

And last but certainly not least... a GOOD photo of my painting from last weeks painting class

More to come!

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