Thursday, February 24, 2011


So I just stumbled upon this unfinished post from last Summer in my unpublished drafts...

I remember riding down to this abandoned length of rail-road, hoping that time would have eroded enough of the old ties, but alas it was overgrown and far too jarring to ride on...

It did, however, provide me with a nice opportunity to take a few nice photographs :)

Yes, even with suspension, it was too bumpy (like riding on a giant washboard... no fun).

This stretch of old railway is just begging to be turned into a Multi-use path or "rail trail". It would provide a perfect link between Fresh Pond and the stretch of the CRBP in Watertown.


 and, of course...
...a glamor shot of the MTB ;)


  1. I love the photograph and the bike is indeed quite glamorous!

  2. Thank you! It's funny how I completely forgot about this post ;)

  3. Ah! It's always a nice surprise/reminded to find unfinished posts in the drafts. Nice shots; making me wistful for summer!

    1. hah! Thank you... and I think I've been wistful for Summer since last October ;)

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