Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer roundup...


...I haven't posted much lately... not counting that last one as it was more of a forgotten draft from a couple months ago.

Well, the semester is getting ready to start up again so perhaps I will find some motivation to post a little more consistently. In the meantime, here is a round-up of sketch-book pieces that I have done over the past few months!

These are a few from late in the semester that were not class related, so I didn't post them:

I didn't get nearly as much "art" done this Summer as I would have wanted... between moving to a new apartment and all the upheaval associated with such an endeavor. Towards the end of the Summer I got a little antsy and decided to try to "play around" a bit. I came to consciously notice that I have a tendency to doodle without purpose in lined notebooks (you should see my notebooks from college! A wealth of sketching ideas...) so I picked up a couple line Moleskine journals and voila!

stuff happened.

Random Guy:

Done while watching James May on BBC America:

Random Girl:

Britta from Community:

Random silly scene from Wild At Heart:

After that I decided to get a little silly and shade them:

In-keeping with my "just f'n around" theme I decided to get really silly and (since I noticed in doing the above shading that alcohol based markers are not the best thing to use on the thin paper of a simple Moleskine journal) hit them again using some of those very inexpensive (water based) Crayola markers:

This led to a whole group of rapid sketches:

I think it was about this time I got sick of drawing/coloring on these lined pages... they are fine
for pen and pencil, but the paper is just too thin for a marker, regardless of whether it's alcohol
or water based.

That being said, I started to really like the way these cheap markers were blending... since they are so inexpensive, I had little concern about fouling the tips by repeated layering, and I got some wonderful effects! First, I went back and attacked some of my earlier sketches with color...


...achieving mostly favorable results... Then I did a couple new sketches and colored them in, too:


... fun fun.

But just as I was about to go color Crayola crazy, I just worked on this piece last night :)
Nice to get back to basics...

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  1. See no, hear no, speak no evil were well many aspects. Glad you were able to get some sketching done despite the upheaval of moving. P.S. The sexy girl may have rickets. She should counsult her physician accordingly. : )