Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ahh well... the point was to learn, right?

What an interesting day of painting... I think I have decided that my first painting this decade is going to wind up gesso'd over and re-started; I really did bite off more than I could chew when I started it. All of those figures in classical poses at such a small scale was more than my (oil painting) in-experience could handle! Not that that is a BAD thing, you see... it was SUPPOSED to be a learning tool, and it was.

Also the female figure in doorway is going to get white-washed. I don't think I really had an idea for it, as my sketch is barely a finished idea... I think that I just wanted to keep my painting hand moving; which is, in itself, not such a bad thing. I am not going to repaint it, though. 

I am going to repaint my first painting this decade but I think that I am going to remain closer to how my original sketch is laid out... and THIS time it won't suck ;)

THAT being said... I am very happy with the progress that I have been making on my 2 "portraits". 

BUT... After almost ruining one of the paintings...


When mixing paint on your palette, make sure that glob of zinc white or titanium white you are using is OIL ... and not that tube of white acrylic you keep around to add high-lights to your watercolors (Aquarelles) . Suffice to say, when you are mixing your colors/mediums and it seems like your paints are separating like bad milk... something is amiss.

Here are the Works in Progress for today:



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