Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Commuting in New England...

 Above is my "parking space" at work and below is the lovely Charles River Trail on this past New Years Eve... cold, snowing (well, was more like flurries) and very grey; but I liked it!

While I was riding to work on the first week of January I noticed this hazard to life and limb hanging from below the BU bridge. This, in case you cannot tell, is a jagged piece of rusted steel that must weigh about 80-100 lbs. The good news is, by the time I was riding home, it was no longer there and there was no gouge in the wood of the boardwalk. Also, it must be said that the bridge is currently undergoing renovations and this may have caused the piece of metal death to come loose. It also must be stated that today, I saw a barge parked under the bridge and I suspect that this was to begin repairing the structure underneath.  

Below is me expressing my fright and concern at said jagged piece of death metal (no, not Sepultura ;)

Late last week, as I was walking from my parking space to my office, I noticed this nice little (and I mean little... it can't be any bigger than a 46 or 49cm) Royal H Cycle single-speed. It's messy from riding the Winter streets of Boston, and I am not sure if I would ride a Royal H in the wretched salt and filth, but at lest it's being ridden! ...and isn't that what bikes are for? ;)

SPEAKING of messy... below are a few pics of my commuter bike from last month when I switched my road tires for knobbies when the snow started to fall.

That red bike in the background is my lovely 1976 Fuji Sports 10 Single Speed. That is one of the smoothest bikes I have ever ridden, and prior to my current commuter, was my daily... a good 3000 miles went on that bike in the last few years and it's still kickin'

ok... this pic below is the bike I mentioned in my previous post, and it's still there in the river... embedded in ice. :/ This is a more recent shot, as well.

Well that's all fro now... I leave you with a self-portrait (and though not intentional, it seems to be in a
similar style as the photos of Filigree at Lovely Bicycle ) taken this past Saturday right after
I photographed the "river bike"

Stay warm!


  1. What fascinating local reportage!

    It's great to see that blue Royal H. bicycle being ridden as a winter bike! Just goes to show that their bicycles are functional, not just eye candy. Can't believe the steel spike under the bridge; Boston is full of these wonders. Thank God it was (apparently) removed before anyone got hurt.

    I saw your Cannondale with the orange basket outside Open on my way home. That is where I usually "tether" my bikes when I go there, only that time I walked. I am quite amazed you ride that as your commuter bike, especially in winter.

    And finally, thank you for the update on the Suicide Bicycle as well. Hopefully he or she will be fished out and given a proper burial once the ice melts. My heart breaks.

  2. Does one of your sites have art of bikes?

  3. Great pictures! Looks like an interesting bike world over there.

  4. Filigree:
    Thank you! On occasion there are interesting things to see along my commute so it's nice to document them. My commuter bike is more than capable as far as Winter goes since it is technically a "cyclo-cross" bike, though you would be hard pressed to find my participating in a cyclo-cross event!

    Yes, the poor river bike (via velo-suicide, velocide, or other nefarious event) is still there... and thank you for the expanded coverage and helping to spread awareness!

    Unfortunately not... most of my work seems to fall away from the realm of cycling.

    Thank you! It certainly is... and your blog has helped me (as a bit of inspiration) to "weather" the Winter as a bike commuter!

  5. Well, I liked the Edward Gorey portrait. Now just stick a Pinarello Prince under him.

  6. Jefe:

    Hah! that could be kind of funny... I know he did doa few illustrations with bike so perhaps I can use them as a model ;)

  7. Good podium placement on BSNYC yesterday. I threw my bike and beat you by a wheel.