Monday, March 29, 2010

More Studio Time ...

Well... I have had a lot of time (relatively "a lot") to spend in the studio since this past week has been "Spring Break". So, as any good young college student was drinking cheap tequila out of squirt bottles and acting in such a way that would (no doubt) impress the likes of Caligula and Bacchus; I was working and painting! 

And, of course, like the good and diligent student I am, this painting I partook in was certainly class related~ 
Below is my "object" (part of a semester long project for my Drawing class).
I decided to paint it in an environment of light; as pertaining to the assignment for this week.

As for the painting I was working on before, I decided that now that I am adding color into the value underpainting, that I will limit my palette. So, below are three primaries plus white. Now, I may add French Ultramarine, Lemon Yellow, and Alizarin Crimson for a second triad of primaries... but primaries none the less...

Now, since I reached a point where I needed to let the above painting sit for a while and dry, I decided to start another painting; it is also somewhat related to classwork... and is also being done with a limited palette.

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