Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dioramas & Still-lives (Lifes?)... Illustration and Painting Class (Wk of 4/16)

As part of the final projects in my illustration class, we were asked to recall a strong memory (good or bad) where the location (or room) was a focal point... well, I was unable to conceive of a particular "event" so I just went with the room that my memory of is that strongest... that just so happens to be the bedroom I occupied in my mothers house during my High-school (and later pre-Ireland) years.

Crazy lighting above, huh?

Going up the stairs... a view seen 10,000 times.

the old vines on the wall... and my uncles drafting table he let me borrow for many a year. The painting shown on the table here was not done back when I lived here, but rather in 2008... I just thought it would be fun ;)

Below you will see a little in-class work from last weeks illustration class... not thrilled with how it's turning out, but it does need a bit more work...

Below is some more illustration, but this time home-work. Since I was less-than-pleased with the previous incarnation of this copy-plate that I tried in a wash (the Moleskine does not seem to care very much for the wet media) I went back to a traditional pencil/graphite approach for this.


...we went back to the still-life. For this project we were glazing --
which is a style (or, technique) of oil painting.

I had finished the monochromatic under-painting, and so began the layering of colors onto the canvas...

Though the subject matter is far from exciting, I was quite pleased with the end result. (if you look closely, you can see a lot of color in the white walls and shadow)

More next week!

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