Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Drawing break-through? perhaps...

Well, faithful viewer, as time goes on and the lines between "sketch-book", "classwork", and "works in progress" become more blurred; my other blog (aptly named "@stroluc-sketchbook") will cease to be updated... any and all sketch work will most likely end up here since a lot of what is considered "sketch" is actually viable classwork... et cetera, et cetera, et al. 

On that note: 

DRAWING CLASS, 4.13.2010

I think I might have, may have, perhaps, almost had a small (tiny) breakthrough in my drawing class... yes yes... THAT drawing class!

I still have no idea what I am doing...

here are a few that I may have missed from the past couple months:

and so, that brings us up to tonight... started iffy at best

Again, we started with a bunch of 3-5 minute poses...

and somewhere towards the end of class... whether due to fatigue, hunger, or some other thing... something gave -- we started a 15 minute pose:

and 3 minutes before it was up, we were instructed to start a new drawing, and isolate the essence of the pose... some chose abstraction. I chose to isolate the essence of (or what I thought was the essence of) the pose:

then we did one more:

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