Monday, December 28, 2009

and... NEXT!!

 a couple of quick concept sketches for what might be my next painting...
...if you think you can guess what it is or what I am using as my inspiration, feel free to chime in! 

Christmas... EVE ;)

Well here she is...

These are the last couple In Progress shots:


And here is the "final" product... to be fair, none of my work is EVER 100% totally finished... but this is as close as it's going to get for a while ;) I will post up a better image once I can sort out my scanner issues... but for now it's a decent enough pic of it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3aT 0F thE aPpL3 ... still...

An other day... a little more progress...

**EDIT 1**

Monday, December 21, 2009

3aT 0F thE aPpL3 ...

a new day... new updates!

So I braved it... could've been worse!

Yesterday, we here in New England (and indeed... most of the Eastern Seaboard) had a bit of a blizzard... as a result I was concerned that this would impede my commute this past Monday morning...



As you can see below, the Cambridge side of the CRBP (Charles River Bike Path) was virtually impassable by bike... by bike with 23X700 road tires, anyway. What you see is essentially a nicely groomed cross-country skiing trail, with about 2" of powder and snow.

Not to be deterred... I reorganized my route and headed into "the Gauntlet" (which is how I affectionately refer to Mass Ave through Central Sq. on any weekday... but especially during commuting hours). As you can see from below, it was treacherous; that FedEx truck is parked squarely OVER the un-plowed bike-path. 


Though it took me considerably longer to arrive at my destination due to slow travel speeds, arrive I did... just to have to lock up in a snowbank ;)

All in all... not so bad. But I think I'll put the knobby tires on tonight.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

snowed in... let's paint!

So I had an idea to revisit a concept of mine and re-conceive my painting  Apple of My Eye .

I started in a very different way... normally I will only have a rough idea of what I want to do or I will do a quick layout sketch in one of my many sketchbooks... but today I decided to utilize my new tablet and integrate the realms of digital and analog (or... traditional )by sketching it out on my computer first.

Here is the digital sketch:

... and here is the beginning of the drawing which will eventually become the painting...


Sorry for the less than ideal image... but my scanner (as you may recall from a previous entry) does not work with the new Windows OS...

L - A - M - E

More to come...


1st layer of color...


**EDIT 2**


**EDIT 3**

**EDIT 4**



As I plunge headlong into the grey heart of Winter...

...well, it's officially gone from being "a little chilly" to "f'ing cold". For a few weeks there we were solidly in the low-40s with an occasional tease of the high-30s... but starting a week ago this past Friday, we started dancing anywhere from the single digits to the mid-20s... and according to the local weather reporters, this is around 20 degrees below average.

What a difference a week (or 2) makes! the above photograph was taken the Sunday after Thanksgiving and it must've been around 60. The pic below was taken only a week later at the same time of day and it couldn't have been over freezing...

So since I have moved to the bulky gloves to save my digits, I have not been as apt to snap pics of my commutes, but here are a few from the past few weeks that illustrate how chilly it's gotten...  and as of this past Friday, the Charles has a nice coating of ice from the below 0 wind-chills of the past week.



This was particularly nice...Below you can see that the DPW was parked ON the bike path and was mostly blocking jogging path on the side. 


Below you can see that there is a little ice on the sides from when the temp dropped after our last decent rain... this is still about a week ago, so the Charles River has yet to really freeze over.

No leaves... :(

Below is a better view of the forming ice.

 It's now the Sunday before Christmas and I have yet to miss a commute despite the Arctic chill... and the cold I can deal with. Even a little ice is not a deterrent... but after the BLIZZARD we had last night and this morning I may not be able to get to work via bike tomorrow due to the narrowing of the roads and possible ice... I don't have studded tires as Dotty from lets go ride a bike has and seems to recommend; maybe if I ask Santa! ;) . This is a bit disappointing because I made a pledge to myself to bike-commute until at least the end of December. We shall see.

I was headed home last night as the snow and wind was starting, so I took the opportunity to take some photographs around the Harvard Square area of the impending storm... 


Bikes bearing the brunt of Winters onslaught.



We'll see what Monday brings... all for now.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lovely November... and December aint too shabby so far, either!

We here in the North-East have had a wonderful stretch of somewhat milder than usual temperatures over the past month or so... and while there have been cold days and rainy days, often they have not been cold AND rainy, which has been fortunate for those of us who are dreading the inevitable 10Âș days that are to come.

A week ago this past Sunday was, following the trend, spectacular and sunny... and I had a chance to get a few decent shots of the new commuter bike. I will be putting up a post reviewing that soon enough.



Unfortunately my ride-home now is solidly more than an hour after sunset, but given the mild temps this has not proven to be an issue... and the bonus is that the Solstice is only a few weeks away and the days will (mercifully) start getting longer again!


It must be said, though, that over the past few days we have gotten slapped by the first real hard hand of Winter.